Introducing Sorceress Bebe

Physical Statistics




115 lbs.





About Sorceress Bebe

In her ScissorVixens debut LA based pro-domme, Sorceress Bebe, simply CRUSHES it!

We first started following the blonde beauty several months ago on her social network page and after viewing several of her posts working out and showing off her legs…we knew she not only had the right dominant attitude but also the right THIGHS for the job!

Anytime we liked and commented on her posts using hashtags like #skullcrushers, #tapornap and #deathbythighs…she immediately gave it a like back letting us know she would soon be our next ScissorVixen knockout!

Sorceress Bebe has some artistic and interesting tattoos but the one that got our attention the most is her large PYTHON tattoo on her left thigh.

It’s quite a site to watch her powerful and athletic thighs wrap around her victim and to see her left thigh bulge and flex as she SQUEEEZES with a large python tattoo on it which you can do here on!

Sorceress Bebe's Videos

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