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130 lbs.





About SkullCandy Bri

We first me this SEXY Texas ScissorVixen during a shoot with her other good friend from Texas, Natalia Vouise.

Little did we know at that time that SkullCandy Bri was every bit into DOMINATING men with her powerful thighs as Natalia!

And we certainly got a taste of what her thighs were capable of during that shoot and after making us tap-out in seconds…we invited her back to Vegas to FINISH the job!

Bri loves to get physical and says one of her passions is kick-boxing and add to that her ability to finish you off on the ground between her thighs…well, that’s a DANGEROUS combination!

Wanna find out if you can handle a vicious kick to the head, or perhaps a mean uppercut and if those two things don’t take you out…you can be rest assured…SkullCandy Bri’s SKULLCRUSHERS will!

Contact SkullCandy Bri below…if you dare!

Session and Contact Information

 Location: Austin, TX.

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