Featuring the world's sexiest and most powerful THIGHS destroying men with SKULL CRUSHING PRESSURE! 

Below are photos from our latest ScissorVixens Videos!

The Muscle Girl Next Door! featuring Andrea Marie
This asshole doesn't think I have the right look for his 'Girl Next Door' magazine so it's time to show him some MUSCLE
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BOUNCED By The Bartender! featuring Chaos
Not only am I the poolside bartender...I'm also the poolside BOUNCER as this loser is finding out between my THIGHS!
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Mistress Angel Severin's LEG TORTURE!
At 5'11" tall barefoot, I'M ALL LEGS and these LEGS are made to TORTURE weak, little men like you!
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The Brazilian CRUSHER! featuring Alessandra
Alessandra's THIGHS are beyond belief! Never have we seen CRUSHERS this big and literally....this MIND BLOWING!
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You’ve been a legman your whole life and you love dominant women who enjoy destroying men with their lethal thighs.

Well…if that’s what you’re looking for then you’ve come  to the right place where sadistic women, possessing the world’s most sexy and powerful legs, make grown men whimper and beg for their release between their suffocating anaconda-like squeeze!

Our LETHAL ScissorVixens’ come in all shapes and sizes as well as different ethnic and athletic backgrounds from former and current NCAA athletes (gymnasts, volleyball, track and field, etc.) to professional and exotic dancers to fitness competitors and female bodybuilders.

And we also feature many of those ‘girl next door’ types looking so sweet and innocent until they get you alone and show you they aren’t so sweet and innocent after all as they humiliate and destroy you while hopelessly trapped between their young, athletic thighs! 

So come on in and enjoy the show…our ScissorVixens will welcome you with open thighs. 

Until of course they decide it’s time to SQUEEEEEZE!


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