Introducing Scarlet Devine

Physical Statistics




160 lbs.





About Scarlet Devine

At nearly 6 ft. tall (5 foot 11.5 inches to be exact) Scarlett Devine is ready for her return to action and her first time on is nothing short of  SAVAGE!

It’s hard to believe that over the years has worked with more than 400 different ScissorVixens ranging from the girl-next-door, to fashion models, female athletes, fitness girls, female bodybuilders and well-known session wrestlers. 

And it’s even more hard to believe that we could have missed the opportunity to work with someone as popular as Las Vegas model and session wrestler Scarlett Devine!

Not that we didn’t try a few times.  It seemed as though every time we were in Las Vegas trying to line up a shoot with her she was somewhere else other than ‘Scissor City’. 

And another occasion we were informed that she was taking a much needed break from the scene for a while.

But FINALLY…the scissor stars aligned and even though once again Scarlett Devine was initially out of town while we were in Vegas she returned just in time to make her first appearance on!

Scarlet Devine's Videos

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