Introducing Scarlet Vice

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Scarlet Vice

Young 18 year old blonde hottie Scarlet Vice (at the time of her first shoot with us) proves that her looooong LETHAL LEGS are capable of doing some serious damage!

She’s a California girl who recently moved to Florida and her blonde hair, smooth skin and golden tan really shine while she’s scissoring the life out of her victims!

She told us this isn’t the first time she’s scissored someone and has knocked guys out cold with her thighs!

And after testing out her squeeze off camera I can tell you her legs are DEADLY STRONG!

When we asked her how she developed such powerful legs she told us…”Well, 8 years of soccer and gymnastics have certainly paid off!”.

And it’s also paid off for our ScissorVixens fans as we’re sure you’re going to LOVE watching Scarlet Vice CRUSH her victims here on!

Scarlet Vice's Videos

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