Introducing Sara Liz

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Sara Liz

Standing at 5’10” with legs that seem to go on forever is Sara Liz….a beautiful strawberry-blonde ballerina.

We at like to feature women of all shapes and sizes because we know that brutal scissors come in all shapes in sizes as well.

Sara Liz doesn’t have huge 25-inch quads of muscle but what she does have are insanely long, lean, knife-like thighs that feel as though they can cut you in half around the stomach or perhaps decapitate you when tightly wrapped around your neck!

Another unique feature of her long, slender thighs is the ease by which she can lock you in a rib-crushing figure-4 around the body with leg room to spare!

Combine all this leggy talent with her sarcastic and unsympathetic ‘baby talk’ (“…Wuz-a-matter…baby can’t get out of my legs…?”) while she’s scissoring you into oblivion and you’ve got another exciting crusher on!