Introducing Sadie Holmes

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Sadie Holmes

If you like tall and lean ScissorVixens with endlessly looooooong legs that can wrap around you in every direction and seemingly more than once then you’re going to love 5’9″ tall BEAUTY Sadie Holmes making her ScissorVixens debut!

We’ve actually been in contact with Sadie over the years but for one reason or the other couldn’t make it work until now!  We heard she was in town and had to make sure we got her in front of our cameras before she slipped away again.

But one thing is for sure…once Sadie had Drew caught between her luscious but lethal legs there was no slipping away for him!

It was clear that this was not Sadie’s first time putting the squeeeeeze on someone as Drew felt the POWER of her long legs right from the start!

In fact…Drew was seeing stars in no time once Sadie got him in a side neck scissors and slowly cranked on the pressure forcing Drew to do something he doesn’t like to do…TAPOUT!

So check out GORGEOUS Sadie Holmes here on!

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