Introducing Sadie

Physical Statistics




160 lbs.





About Sadie

When Sadie sent me a picture taken from a friend’s cell phone…I didn’t need to see anymore to know this girl was built for CRUSHING men into screaming submission! 

The picture showed her standing there wearing a short black mini-skirt in high heels displaying powerful, muscular legs. 

Then when she told me that she was 5’10” tall…I knew this girl could KILL with her thighs and that’s what she nearly did during our first encounter with her. 

I asked her how she developed such incredible legs and she told me it is all genetics never having played sports in school.  She also told me that growing up she was always insecure about her muscular legs since they were far more developed and powerful than even most of the boys in school! 

Well…now that Sadie is all grown up I have a feeling her legs will make most grown men feel insecure as well once she wraps those crushers around their heads and bodies and begins to squeeeeeze!

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