'Put Your SCISSORS Where Your Mouth Is!’


Sushii Xhyvette and Cleo

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Video Description

SEXY Sushii Xhyvette makes her ScissorVixens debut alongside one of your all-time favorites and former competitive cheerleader …Cleo!

The first thing about Cleo you may notice is that she looks more muscular and leaner than ever and for good reason …Cleo has been spending a lot of time in the gym pumping iron and also practicing jiu-jitsu!

Needless to say …her SCISSORS are stronger than ever!

So what better way to show off her new CRUSHING SCISSORS than to have a ‘friendly’ scissor competition with Sushii Xhyvette!?

When you get two ScissorVixens together to see who has the strongest SQUEEEEZE, well, we pity the guy who has to be the ‘judge’ while the girls hold nothing back!

Sushii and Cleo start the competition with the always BRUTAL reverse headscissors!

In the beginning, Sushii toys around with him and after he only scores her scissors an 8 …she decides to turn it up to a 10 and then some!

Not to be outdone, Cleo decides she isn’t going to play around and it’s zero to 10 and TAP! TAP! TAP! in seconds!

Then it’s time for some double-team action with a RIB-CRUSHING bodyscissors and BRUTAL figure-4 combination  as both girls pour it on while flexing their biceps to add to his humiliation!

On and on it goes as both CRUSHERS continue to absolutely DESTROY their victim until he has nothing left!

In the end they stand over his exhausted body in a a victory pose while thanking him for ‘judging’ their competition!

DO NOT miss the LETHAL-LEGGED combination of Sushii Xhyvette and Cleo CRUSHING IT together in ‘Put Your SCISSORS Where Your Mouth Is!’.

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Video Length: 12 minutes

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