SVDL-0208 ‘A Painful Deed!’ featuring Lia Labowe

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I hate realtors…especially ones that try to rip you off.  Time for me to rip this one’s head off with my THIGHS!

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Lovely leggy Lia LaBowe never suffers obnoxious fools gladly, and many have felt the thigh pressure of her wrath.

But when you attack her pocketbook, you’ve added insult to injury, as sleazy Realtor Moe is quick to discover.

Annoyed beyond words by his last-minute attempt to slide a 10% fee for himself onto her purchase of a condo, our beautiful ScissorVixen takes revenge by letting her thighs do the talking.

Stronger than ever, she cleans up her living room with the screaming man as he spends the afternoon locked in every variety of grueling thigh grip known to scissor-victims.

Her legs grind him inexorably, and escape is completely impossible until she’s satisfied that he’ll never “sleaze off” again.

One standing “rear naked choke” and waist scissor combo is one of the most tortuous holds Moe’s ever experienced.

When the gorgeous Lia sets her vindictive legs around you, it’s not over until you’re out of “Commissions.”

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