SVDL-0172 ‘The Man Crusher!’ featuring Sybil Starr

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I love nothing more than to seduce men with my thighs and once they are trapped between them…I CRUSH them senseless!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 640×480 | File Size: 261MB

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Kan and Drew watch a gorgeous redheaded hottie in short skirt walk by. Jill, portrayed by the legendary Sybil, flashes them a bit of leg and walks into her office, but Kandor warns Drew against hitting on the leggy lovely, saying she’s known as the Man-crusher and has sent more than a few men to the hospital by crushing them in her legs!

Undaunted, he makes his move and she makes his – all OVER his whimpering body, devouring him in her powerful, punishing thighs for a series of head-cracking scissor holds that have him sweaty, beaten and begging for mercy!

She is dominance personified as she tears him apart in her dynamic legs, making him scream for his life in as savage a reverse headscissors as you’ll ever see.

And her bodyscissors nearly rip him in half; she squeezes him around the ribs as hard as she can and when she suddenly lets go,

Drew’s ribs snap painfully back into place and his scream of absolute agony will make you wince!

Sybil never looked lovelier or leggier in this marvelous masterpiece of all-out scissoring destruction! If anyone is a true Mancrusher, this is the gal!

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