SVDL-1304 Extra Credit CRUSH! featuring Amethyst Mars and Kay Kendell


SVDL-1304 Extra Credit CRUSH! featuring Amethyst Mars and Kay Kendell

Our teacher told us we had to earn extra credit to pass his class so we decided to show him our Extra Credit CRUSH!

Video Length : 21 mins. | Video Size : HD (1920×1080) | File Size: 1.5 GB


**This video features one of the most devastating REAL SCISSOR KNOCKOUTS ever featured on!**

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There’s so much to love about this video including for all of you knockout fans!

First, the combination of Amethyst Mars and ScissorVixen newcomer, Kay Kendell, as naughty high school cheerleaders in itself is an instant ScissorVixen classic!

Talk about a DEADLY combination of THIGH POWER!

You’ve seen Amethyst Mars on demonstrating what her dancer thighs can do and when we contacted Kay Kendell to team up with her for her debut ScissorVixen video…Kay replied…”I can’t wait to show off the best and strongest part of my body…MY LEGS!”.

And boy does she ever!

Now for you KNOCKOUT fans…as you know, we like to keep it REAL here at

You won’t find the same guy, video after video, performing his well-rehearsed and choreographed KO routine to try to jack-up sales.

That’s because we think a scissor video does not have to rely on faking KO’s to make it a great video.

But when they do happen here on…we leave no doubt it’s the REAL DEAL!

Amethyst Mars thighs are POWERFUL enough to KO you in just about any scissor position!

But when her victim’s head is hanging off the edge of a table being CRUSHED in a standing reverse head scissors…well…you can find yourself taking a nap real fast!

And that’s what happens not too far from the beginning of this video.

I noticed our victim’s arms straight up in the air, Amethyst gave him a real tight squeeze, and once he left out a snort…I quickly let her know he was out cold!

What happened next was not something I was prepared for.

I’ve seen plenty of guys come back from a SCISSOR KO twitching around a little bit then look into the camera having no clue what just happened but our poor victim in this video took it to a whole new level!

Thank goodness for Amethyst’s fast reaction time as she quickly grabbed his convulsing body, preventing him from hitting the floor!

He snapped out of it and said…”Yeah…I got really confused.”.

I then told him…”Dude…TAP when you start seeing stars before you go out!”.

But the reality is…sometimes with girls as powerful as Amethyst…there is little time to react!

I was then worried that our newcomer, Kay Kendell, may have been freaked out by what she just saw but in reality…it didn’t seem to worry her at all!

She was there to show off her legs for ScissorVixens fans and that’s exactly what she does with her cheerleading team member, Amethyst Mars!

Both girls are told by their cheerleading coach that they may be kicked of the squad for a failing grade.

So they approach the teacher to see if there is anything they can do to pass his class.

After he tells them that all the tests and quizzes are complete, the only thing left for them to do is possibly extra credit but leaves it up to them to figure out what that extra credit is going to be.

That’s when they smile at each other and tell him they’ve been working on a new cheer and want to show it to him as their extra credit.

Little does he know what this extra credit cheer is all about!

Amethyst pushes the teacher’s head down, steps over it into a standing headscissors and yells…”Give me an ‘S’!”.

Then it’s Kay’s turn to do the same yelling…”Give me an ‘C’!”.

They take turns alternating from one CRUSHING scissor hold after the other until they eventually take him to the floor and spell out the last letter before shouting together…”Put it all together and what’s it spell…?  SCISSORS!”.

They ask the teacher if they have finally earned an A but when he refuses, the two cheerleaders continue torturing him in their Extra Credit CRUSH until eventually he can take no more and gives in to their demands!

We’ve done plenty of cheerleader-themed ScissorVixens videos but this one is perhaps the best we’ve done so far!

Don’t miss GORGEOUS Amethyst Mars and new ScissorVixen CUTIE, Kay Kendell, in ‘Extra Credit CRUSH!’.

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