SVDL-0127 ‘The Thigh Price Of Gambling!’ featuring Jasmine

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When you my boss money and don’t pay, he sends me to collect!

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Need a gambling debt settled?

You might want to send in the likes – and the legs – of Jasmine!

In “The Thigh Price of Gambling,” she’s a mob enforcer, sent to put the arm, rather, the leg on a deadbeat who dared reneg on the wrong people.

Wearing a trench coat and smoking a cigarette, Jasmine, blonde, beautiful and brutal, looks exceptionally sexy and even more so when she puts those incredible legs to work!

Scissor after scissor of the most neck-wrenching kind are employed as she squeezes the life out of her victim, pulverizing him in bodyscissors, cracking his skull in blinding headscissors, you name it, it’s in her leggy arsenal!

You wanna make a bet?

Bet that Jasmine’s legs will exact a heavy price if you stiff the wrong people!

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