SVDL-0379 ‘Toothpaste Squeeze!’ featuring Leggy Laci Lynn

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All he does is bitch and now he’s complaining about how I squeeze our toothpaste.  Let’s see if he likes how I squeeze his head instead!

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It’s amazing how petty we become toward one another in our relationships and sometimes we push our partners a little too far as this fool does in “Toothpaste Squeeze”! Laci Lynn, a sexy dancer at a local club, is busy trying to get ready for work when her hubby calls her into the bathroom bitching at her about squeezing the tube of toothpaste from the top and not the bottom.

Well, for Laci…this is the last straw that’s going to break his back, neck and skull as the incredibly gorgeous blonde decides to squeeze him from the top instead! Laci Lynn’s athletic thighs are thick, solid as a rock and oh so powerful as she administers one skull crushing scissors after the other on her man causing him to scream in agony and tap out in hopes the pain would stop! But Laci is far from over and she won’t be satisfied until the fool learns his lesson and forces him, while trapped in a torturous reverse head scissors, to promise to never harass her about such silly things again!

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