Introducing Nikki Brooks

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Nikki Brooks

Beautiful 5’9″ tall Latina ScissorVixen Nikki Brooks is no stranger to dominating men and now she’s added leg scissors to her arsenal for destroying them!

Just as a Venus Flytrap is to a fly so is Nikki Brooks to men with her disarming smile and inviting personality but once you get too close you’ll soon find yourself trapped in her inescapable thighs with no way out!

One thing we didn’t know about Nikki before our shoot was that she’s been a pro-domme for several years now. 

But with her girl-next-door looks you’d never suspect she loves dominating men the way she does either!

Once our camera started rolling it was immediately obvious that Nikki is no stranger to taking control both physically and verbally!