Introducing Nikki Next

Physical Statistics




110 lbs.





About Nikki Next

They don’t get anymore ‘Girl Next Door’ than adorable Nikki Next but trust us folks…this little cutie has one VICIOUS SQUEEEEZE!

We actually first met Nikki Next several months ago when she visited our studio to shoot non-scissor content for our partner and at the time it was her very first fetish shoot of any kind. 

At first glance I thought she looked really cute but just too young and innocent looking to be a ScissorVixen. 

Fast forward several weeks later and I noticed she was listed on a popular session site offering scissor sessions and had even shot for a few competitors doing scissors. 

So…the time was right to find out if this recent high school grad and at only 18 years old was ready to graduate to 

Needless to say she passed our first ‘scissor quiz’ with flying colors and it was time to move on to the real test!

Nikki Next told us about a few of her sessions and surprised us when she revealed knocking out a few session customers with her scissors. 

She told us that these guys ask to be knocked out and so she does her best to grant their wishes. 

And Nikki also has a pretty good understanding behind the psychology of why guys love scissors as she explains…”Guys love the fact that something so sexy and physically appealing can also be so strong and even knock them out…”. 

She of course was referring to her very lean and very strong legs!

Wanna see if you can survive Nikki Next’s LETHAL LEGZZZ?

Contact her below and tell her ScissorVixens sent you!

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