Introducing Naomi Swann

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Naomi Swann

When we were first introduced to GORGEOUS 18 year old (at the time of this posting) Naomi Swann…we knew this young cutie had the looks, attitude and physique to fit right in with our long list of Vixens!

At first glance, we were concerned that she may be a bit too petite and possibly too shy and unsure of herself. 

But once she slipped into a form-fitting attire…we could see that although petite…she had a very athletic physique!

Naomi has a gymnastics background and also attended a highly regarded private school where discipline was something she learned and eventually administered.

And we’re certain you are going to LOVE watching Naomi Swann administer discipline one SKULL CRUSHING and FACE SMOTHERING victim at a time!

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Naomi Swann's facesittingvixens Videos

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