Introducing Mx Stella Cloud

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Mx Stella Cloud

When we contacted new ScissorVixen, Mx Stella Cloud about shooting for us, she was nothing short of very enthusiastic!

Although she’s never shot a scissor video before, she told us she was very aware and experienced with the leg scissors which was music to our ears!

Of course the obvious questions was…”So what experience do you have with the scissor fetish?”.

Mx Stella Cloud is a Vegas pole dancer and she told us that she has a few regular customers who love to pay for private dances but instead of watching her dance…they pay her to, as she puts it…”CRUSH them between my thighs!”.

And she said they LOVE it, even if they take a nap which has apparently happened more than a few times!

Now this next story she told us is pretty much right out of one of our ‘scissorgasm’ videos!

She told us she actually knocked her ex-boyfriend out cold while he was going down on her!  

He was doing such a good job that she tightly SQUEEEZED his head between her thighs after having an orgasm and when she looked down, he was already out!

She said he was immediately hooked and wanted her to do it again and again!

Mx Stella Cloud is a true SCISSORGASM!

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