Introducing Monica Martin

Physical Statistics




155 lbs.





About Monica Martin

Since first appearing on several other websites we have received MANY requests from our members to feature the INCREDIBLY SEXY and INSANELY POWERFUL Monica Martin on 

So when we learned that Monica Martin had decided to make ‘Scissor City’ (Vegas) her new home we knew the time had finally come to set up a shoot with the very popular Brazilian SKULL CRUSHER!

Monica Martin is an impressive combination of gorgeous looks, sexy dominant attitude and insanely muscular and powerful thighs! 

Of course Monica Martin has a balanced physique with plenty of muscle ‘up top’ but it’s those thighs that we were most interested in and the DAMAGE they can do when wrapped around your neck! 

Just one look at Monica Martin’s EXPLOSIVE thighs and you know her victims are in EXTREME AGONY whenever she pours on the pressure which for her takes little effort! 

After dispatching her victims Monica Martin loves putting two fingers in front of your face in the form of the letter ‘L’ which she confirms means…LOSER!

During her first video and while nearly flattening Drew’s head like a pancake she looked at the camera and said with a cocky smirk…”Now I show you what my POWERFUL thighs can do!”.

Monica Martin's Videos

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