Introducing Mistress McKenzie

Physical Statistics




100 lbs.





About Mistress McKenzie

When Mistress McKenzie (recently listed as Maggy from Columbus, Ohio on the WB270) sent us a friends request we didn’t hesitate to send her an offer to come to Boston and shoot with us!

At only 5’0″ tall Mistress McKenzie packs an enormous amount of energy, attitude, and of course SCISSORS on her compact but muscular frame!

When we were setting up our lights and getting ready for the shoot Mistress McKenzie was practically jumping off of the walls in anticipation for her shoot!

She was dancing around, singing and doing a few cheers which was apparently part of her normal warm-up routine before destroying someone between her thighs! And DESTROY Drew she did in her debut ScissorVixen video!

So check out Mistress McKenzie CRUSHING skulls and more here on!

Mistress McKenzie's Videos

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