Introducing Mistress Kayla

Physical Statistics




155 lbs.





About Mistress Kayla

We recently attended our first DomCon (Atlanta) event where each year some of the countries’ most popular dommes, goddesses, princesses and mistresses gather to strut their stuff and administer plenty of 24/7 discipline to those in need of it.

We didn’t have anything special planned other than to casually check out the scene but when a dark-haired ebony mistress walked by showing off a pair of the biggest and most powerful thighs we’ve ever seen we had no choice but to invite her to shoot for!

Luckily for us she already knew about us and already knew all about SCISSORS!

During our shoot she told us about the first time she scissored anyone. It was her much larger (height and weight) male roommate and after a few seconds of squeeeeezing his head between her 24″-inch KRUSHRES she noticed blood on her leg!

Not sure where it came from she eventually realized the incredible pressure on his head caused his nose to bleed! And that is when she realized the true power of her thighs!

She also told us that she is a powerlifter ranked #1 in the state of Texas in her class and 3rd in the USA!

Needless to say she couldn’t wait to show us just how devastating her leg scissorscan be and that she did!

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