Introducing Misstrixx

Physical Statistics




105 lbs.





About Misstrixx

Ebony ScissorVixen, Misstrixx, knows how to handle men when they get out of line!

What she lacks in size at 5’2″ tall, she more than makes up for with her DOMINATING THIGHS and personality!

She has gorgeous and powerful legs built by years of athletics such as track, soccer, basketball, competitive cheerleading, working out, hiking and dancing.

And as an exotic dancer, she has to be ready to put men in their place!

When I met her at a Vegas strip club, she wasn’t shy about approaching me when she found out what we do from a few other dancers who have worked with us.

At first, I wasn’t sure if she had what it took until she started to flex her thighs and told me to give them a feel.

“Rock hard, aren’t they!?”, she asked with a smirk on her face!

It was then I knew this beautiful ebony dominatrix (she also performs as a dominatrix on the Las Vegas strip) would have no problem putting us in our place as well!

Check out Ebony BEAUTY, Misstrixx, CRUSHING IT here on!

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