Introducing Miss Iris

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Miss Iris

We heard a lot about this beautiful small-town girl from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. We were told all about her extensive athletic background which includes soccer, track and field and basketball and how she loves riding her bicycle everywhere she goes in the big city.

We were also warned of her short temper and how she doesn’t take shit for no one unless you are looking for a fight with a young, beautiful woman like Miss Iris!

All of those years of athletics and now riding her bike around town has forged a pair of long, lean and VERY powerful thighs that can administer one hell of a CRUSHING scissor hold! 

She’s not one to ‘toy’ with you preferring to clamp down and go for the scissor-kill right away which means her victims better have their tap-out hand ready to do some tapping!