Introducing Mirage

Physical Statistics




160 lbs.





About Mirage

We’ve worked with some of the most powerful muscle girls on the planet over the years featuring them in our popular ‘ScissorVixens Savage Scissors’ series!

So for those who love SEXY female muscle combined with SAVAGE SCISSORS…you’re going to love Mirage’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!

The first thing Mirage did for us was FLEX her thighs to mind-blowing proportions showing off her 26-inch SKULL CRUSHERS and basically warning us…”You’ve never seen thighs this big or powerful!”.

Mirage can squat over 450-pounds all the way down to the floor so she’s SCARY STRONG!

I didn’t warn our poor victim that he’d be getting SQUEEEEZED by a powerful female bodybuilder the size of Mirage so the look of fear on his face was understandable. 

And the look of shock on your face will be understandable as well as you watch Mirage’s HUGE 26-inch SKULL CRUSHERS nearly flatten her victim’s heads here on!

Session and Contact Information

 Location: D , OTHER, The Royal Imperial Castle

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