Introducing Mia Annabella

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Mia Annabella

When her good friend from high school, Megan Jones, brought Mia along for the ride on a cross-country session tour…we had no idea just how much she had learned from Megan!

Right from the start, we could tell Mia Annabella was full of confidence and plenty of “I can fuck you up as much as any girl!”, attitude!

She loves to trash-talk while at the same time, watching your face turn different shades of red, purple and blue! 

In fact…she told us her favorite part of scissoring is the watching the fear and helplessness in your eyes as you struggle to breath and survive!

Make no mistake…this ‘tiny mighty’ has one BIG SQUEEEEEZE that is sure to please…as in “PLEASE, NO MORE!”.

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