Scissored Interrogation!


Erika Jordan

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Video Description

In her debut ScissorVixen video Erika Jordan easily transforms into one of our sexiest female villains ever!  She plays a German Nazi interrogator out to extract information from her helpless American captive.

With his hands handcuffed behind his back she enters the interrogation room wearing a very tight and sexy short dress that shows off her extremely fit physique and muscular thighs.

She utters a few words in German at him and when he fires back in English she straddles the chair in front of him and surprises him with a few English words of her own promising to get the information she’s after!

It doesn’t take long for this SEXY Nazi interrogator to show the American man why she’s so good at extracting information as she pulls his head in between her thighs and starts to pour on the PRESSURE!

After a brief introduction to what her thighs are capable of and what the rest of the interrogation session is going to be like she decides to get comfortable by removing her tight dress and now standing before him topless in only a black thong and high heels.  Obviously interrogations are not only about getting information but they are also a real turn on for her as well!

Watch as she continues to relentlessly torture him and at one point while nearly breaking his neck in a throat scissors lifts one side of her string thong and ponders out loud…”Hmmm…I think it may be time for me to get a bikini wax…”.  All the while his eyes are bulging out of his head as he struggles to breath!

In the end she straps on a CRUSHING reverse head scissors and promises to snap his neck if he doesn’t finally give her the information she’s after.

Now completely broken by her thighs and realizing her play-time is over he finally gives in to her demands hoping she’d spare his life.  Unfortunately for him she leaves no prisoners behind!

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Video Length: 34 minutes

Total Bitrate: 10,000 kbps

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