The Name Is Violet Boss To You!


Violet Voss

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We all love seeing new ScissorVixens added to our ever-growing list of over 600 vixens and GORGEOUS Violet Voss, standing at a statuesque 5’9″ tall and an athletic 135 lbs., is another LEGGGGGY addition!

We first noticed her appear on SessionGirls, in the New Girls section, and also noticed she was heading our way in Scissor City!

We also noticed, right before she was to arrive here in Scissor City…she was making a stop in our former headquarters in Florida where she shot with one of our producer friends.

When I asked him…”So, do you think Violet would be a good fit for ScissorVixens?”, his replay was…”Hell yeah…she’s tall with long, athletic legs and VERY aggressive!”.

Well, we kinda suspected that already looking at her SessionGirls profile, but it was nice to have our suspicions confirmed and confirmed they were in Violet Voss’s debut ScissorVixens video!

When I met Violet Voss downstairs by the elevators at the Bellagio hotel, where we shot the video in her penthouse suite, I could tell she was ALL LEGS, even while wearing her comfy sweatpants.

But when she changed into her ‘Boss-Lady’ outfit wearing a short mini-skirt with high heels for her first video…I was like…”Damn, this girl is more athletic looking than I was expecting!”.

Then it was time for Violet Voss to show our victim who the real boss is and her name is Violet Boss to him!

He’s been working his entire life as a loyal executive for his company but could never quite reach the top of the ladder but now it’s his time to be the top boss…or so he thinks!

A day before he expected to be crowned the ‘top dog’, he finds out the boss-job is going to a new hire.

A young, 5’9″ tall hottie with LEGS FOR DAYS named Violet Voss, and he isn’t happy about it!

He’s on the phone complaining to another executive about losing the job when he hears someone enter his hotel room and hangs up.

In walks his new boss, wearing a ridiculously tight and SEXY mini-skirt with high heels looking as in-charge and dominant as any boss can be!

She confidently introduces herself with an air of superiority and arrogance knowing how humiliating it must be for this old man to lose out to such a young hottie!

He looks her up and down and says…”Obviously I can see why they overlooked me!”.

And Violet replies…”I’ll show you why they hired me!” as she orders him to sit on the floor in front of the couch.

“Now you’re gonna learn who the real boss is!”, she tells him with her insanely POWERFUL and SEXY thighs wrapped around his neck!

Watch as his eyes bulge out of his head as Violet Boss pours on the PRESSURE and tells him…”I’m fucking hot and in charge as always!”.

She works him over with one BRUTAL scissor hold after the other, while sitting on the couch, and eventually decides he belongs on the floor, and on his back, like the submissive underling she’s determined to make him be!

With LEGZZZ like hers…he doesn’t stand a chance!

Now, with plenty of solid support on the floor, Violet arches her butt off the floor to nearly pop his head off in a classic headscissor and neck-breaking figure-4 that causes him to tap-out!

Then she tells him…”Maybe it’s time to show you everyone’s favorite!”.

He pleads…”No, please no!”, but the boss-lady lesson isn’t over yet as he needs to be broken some more and BROKEN he becomes as he frantically taps-out again, this time in her SKULL-CRUSHING reverse head scissor and figure-4!

Finally…after Violet Boss is done putting him in his place, she rolls him over in a side reverse head scissor and tells him she expects her coffee to be made and waiting for her on her desk by 8 AM and gives him one last BRUTAL SQUEEEEEZE to make sure he gets the message!

With a boss like Violet Voss…you better do as you’re told or SUFFER the consequences between her luscious and LETHAL thighs!

So check out this former fashion model turned dominatrix in ‘The Name Is Violet Boss To You!’.


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