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There must be something in the Oklahoma water as the state has been producing more and more fresh talent making their way to the session scene!

Like her good friends Andi Vicious and Constance…Greasy Rose certainly knows where her strength is and of course, that would be her incredibly LOOONG, LEAN and yes…LETHAL LEGZZZ!

Greasy Rose has an interesting background starting out her young life as a ‘wrench’ (aka motorcycle mechanic) for a Harley Davidson dealership which is how she got the Greasy part of her name…Greasy Rose.

With her striking looks and at 5’11”, she then did modeling for several years before changing course again finding her new passion in pole fitness and performing as an exotic pole dancer.

She also rode horses most of her life and has trained in BJJ, and with legs as long and lean as hers…good like trying to escape her triangle choke or any other leg choke for that matter!

And as a former motorcycle mechanic…Greasy Rose certainly knows her way around pipes in more ways than one…including windpipes if you prefer!


Another interesting fact about Oklahoma, like Vegas, is that they have a lot of casinos and in casinos are people who love to gamble and some people who love to gamble also like to count cards which is frowned upon in many casinos including the one a new pit boss named Lady Long Legs presides over!

Watch what happens when a ‘clever’ card-counter, while bragging to his buddy on the phone over his ‘winnings’, is suddenly confronted by a tall, leggy lady in a short skirt who enters his room via a master key.

She introduces herself as the new pit boss known as Lady Long Legs to those who dare cheat while she’s in charge of the floor!

He tries to explain but before he can start with the lies, she goes to work and pulls him down to the floor and shows him why they call her Lady Long Legs!

Watch as she pulls him into a BRUTAL head scissor from behind and tries to make him admit cheating at her tables.

And when he doesn’t…that’s when she really pours on the EYE-POPPING PRESSURE!

But she soon realizes this one isn’t going to break so easily, so she decides to get more comfortable while taking off her skirt and boots then drags him to the couch, sitting him on the floor in front of her.

“No counting cards in my casino!”, she tells him as she nearly tears his head off of his shoulders in a STRANGLING scissors across his neck!

Watch as she sadistically smiles and grins listening to him groan and scream in pain while begging for mercy in one scissor hold after the other!

Cleary torturing cheaters is something she’s very good at and obviously enjoys!

On and on it goes as he pays dearly for counting cards under her watch and in the end…she finally BREAKS him and makes him promise to never count cards, or cheat, in her casino again!

Then…just as one last reminder she tells him…”Good…and now you know why they call me Lady Long Legs!”, followed by a VICIOUS scissors across his neck!

So check out GORGEOUS, 5’11” former model, mechanic, pole dancer and now ScissorVixen in ‘Pit Boss – Lady Long Legs!’.

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