Paying Her Closing Cost!


Goddess Vicky V

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MILFs don’t get any sexier than blonde hottie Vicky Vixxx!  She’s got the legs and attitude to make any man whimper and beg for mercy which you most certainly will do if ever caught between her leg vise.

Originally from the cold state of Vermont Vicky Vixxx is now heating things up in her new home of Florida and that is where we shot her for the first time.

In her debut ScissorVixen video Vicky Vixxx plays a realtor and is ready to cash in on the sale of a large house.  But when she hands the papers over to her client to sign including an agreement that he will pay the closing cost that’s when he says “No deal!”.

Well…he may think it’s a ‘no deal’ but to Vicky whose been working months on the sale it is a big deal that’s about to become a BIG PROBLEM for him!

Watch as the outrageously SEXY home sales agent makes him pay a different kind of closing cost…her legs closing around his neck!

Vicky’s thighs simply EXPLODE with power in every scissor hold she applies in this video and it’s not long before her client has no choice but to pay the closing cost…both on paper and between Vicky’s deadly legs!

So check out Vicky Vixxx in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Paying Her CLOSING COST!’.

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Video Length: 21 minutes

Total Bitrate: 10,000 kbps

Frame Size: Full-HD (1920×1080)

Video File Size: 1.6 GB

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