Introducing Maria Jade

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Maria Jade

We first heard about Maria Jade from another producer who warned us…”Trust me…her legs are really strong as she nearly popped my head off in her reverse head scissor!”.

Maria Jade is a bundle of energy who loves to smile, laugh and have fun and part of that fun is watching men panic and struggle between her POWERFUL thighs!

She has years of gymnastics experience along with being a dancer and loves to work out. 

Maria couldn’t help but show of her calf muscles for us as she flexed them into a ball of rock-hard muscle!

But when she clamps those BIG THIGHS around your head anyone caught between them is going to be in WORLD OF HURT and extreme PAIN!

And Maria Jade doesn’t need an excuse to fuck somebody up with her thighs other than “…it’s a lot of fun!”.

So check out the adorably cute yet equally sadistic and powerful Maria Jade here on!

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