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Mandy Taylor

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Dressed in all-black wearing a leotard and nylons the always SEXY Mandy Taylor returns as a member of a group of female assassins.

She’s known as Mandy ‘The Mangler’ for what she loves to do to her male victims which is mangle them in her scissors using her long, powerful thighs!

However for Mandy ‘The Mangler’ crushing her helpless victims to death isn’t just another job…it’s truly a scissorgasmic experience!

Watch as Mandy ‘The Mangler’ introduces herself to another soon-to-deceased man as he struggles to free himself from the ropes she’s tied him up with.

After applying a few choke holds from behind with her arms she unties his hands and that’s when ‘The Mangler’ goes to work!

She starts out by grabbing his head and wrapping it up in a neck-breaking figure-4 as his arms and legs flail about from the lack of oxygen.

No doubt Mandy ‘The Mangler’ could end his life right there but what fun would that be!?  Mandy ‘The Mangler’ is many things but merciful she is not.

So she continues to do what has earned her, her name and that is mangling her victim up in one torturous scissor hold after the other.

At one point she almost seems to feel compassion and pity towards her victim as she strokes his head with a gentle hand and kisses him on the forehead to comfort him.

But the comfort doesn’t last very long as she coils her thighs around his body like an anaconda in a rib-crushing body scissors!

All throughout the torture session Mandy gets increasingly aroused, even touching herself in a few intimate spots, as the victim’s life is slowly but steadily squeezed out of him.

In the end she tells him it’s time for the climax but only her climax is going to be much better than his!

Watch as she tightens her grip around his neck while touching her own breasts and moaning in pure scisssorgasmic ecstasy all the while his life slips away between Mandy ‘The Mangler’s’ thighs!

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