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Addie Juniper

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Video Description

It’s been years since we last worked with popular fetish model Addie Juniper until now.

And when you look at her back then and now it’s as if she hasn’t aged one day and still has that cute but naughty school-girl look and appeal right down to her devilish smile.

We can’t seem to envision her in anything else but a school-girl outfit because she still has that young, school-girl look and plays it so well.

But one thing that is a little different about Addie after all these years is her legs are a bit more solid and yes…definitely STRONGER!

And as a school-girl bully Addie knows how to use her strengths to her advantage in getting what she wants!

But it’s too bad for this guy who didn’t seem to get the memo on what happens when Addie comes around to collect HER lunch money and you refuse.

You end up being Addie’s next example for your classmates that disobeying her comes with a painful lesson of which you won’t soon forget!

Watch as Addie wraps her long, athletic legs around this poor boy’s neck and nearly makes him cough up more than his lunch money!

He frantically panics between her reverse headscissors and when she rolls it to the side and really clamps down you can almost hear his screams for help through his wide-opened but silent mouth!

On and on it goes until he’s learned his lesson and Addie walks away with his money and his pride!

Addie Juniper rules the halls of this school and once again she’s laying down the law with her thighs in her ScissorVixen video titled ‘Lunch Money Lesson!’.

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