Introducing Lucy L'Vette

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Lucy l'vette

To many men with a leg or ass fetish…there is a very good chance he has heard of the world famous leg fetish model and dancer…Lucy L’Vette!  She has appeared in multiple leg fetish magazines such as Leg Show, Leg Sex, Leg Tease, Leg Action to name a few.

She has also been featured on the Playboy Channel, FOX, USA Network, MTV and even on the WWE Raw-is-War Wrestlemania Smackdown!  

 Yes…it’s quite obvious with legs and ass like Lucy L’Vette’s…she has come very far and very far she will continue to go! 

 Luckily for us…she has decided to stop by and demonstrate the power she has developed in her thighs and ass, from years of ballet and classical dance training, the best way a sexy woman like Lucy L’Vette knows how…LEG SCISSORS and FACE SMOTHERING baby!  

 Trust us folks…her legs and ass are not just for show as those thighs and world class ass turn to skull-crushing, face smothering steel!

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lucy l'vette's Videos

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