Introducing Lindsey Leigh

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Lindsey Leigh

It was one of our fans that told us about Miss Lindsey Leigh and suggested we contact her to see if she would be interested in shooting with us.

Of course after looking at her pictures we could only hope this 5’8″ tall beauty and professional NYC dominatrix would be as interested in shooting with us as we were in shooting with her. Luckily for us…she was!

Miss Lindsey Leigh has got it all and then some! 

Aside from her fashion model looks she’s every bit as dominant and cruel as any Vixen we’ve worked with to date! 

She holds nothing back in destroying her helpless victims whether using her long, lean legs to scissor you senseless, smother you blind with her ass, verbally rip you to shreds or doing it all at the same time!

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Lindsey Leigh's Videos

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