Introducing Lilly Ice

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Lilly Ice

When we asked Lilly Ice what her athletic background was, we had no idea how extensive it would be!

Lilly Ice grew up participating in speed skating, hockey, cheerleading, swimming and acrobatic/aerials and all of that certainly shows in her POWERFUL THIGHS and fitness level physique!

But when we first noticed Lilly it was a few years ago during a live lingerie wrestling event where she flipped and bounced her way into the ring full of energy while showing off her agility and athleticism!

Of course those LEGS definitely caught our attention, and unfortunately for her opponent, they caught her too!

It was then that we knew we had to get ‘Lilly Ice’ in front of our ScissorVixens cameras for our fans!
Beside wrestling in the ring, Lilly Ice also participated in the Lingerie Football League and was known for her vicious hits!

No doubt about it, Lilly Ice loves bone-crushing contact sports and is usually the one doing the CRUSHING as she demonstrates here on!

Lilly Ice's Videos

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