Introducing Leah 'The Desert Muscle Girl'

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Leah 'The Desert Muscle Girl'

Leah the ‘Desert Muscle Girl’ says: “I have been a competitive athlete since the age of 8, being on swim teams every year until I found weight training in high school. while developing my muscle, I competed in power lifting and went into competitive bodybuilding where I won numerous events. My fitness modeling career really took off after wining the California state championships. I have been featured in most fitness magazines and their special lingerie issues. I modeled for Muscle Elegance magazine and was featured in their Desert Foxes Video. I am a fitness instructor working in a mixed martial arts gym and a fitness model when I’m not conquering men in a killer scissors hold. I’m a woman on the outside and a tomboy on the inside. Come and find out! I look forward to meeting you!

Leighanna Ross is indeed everything she professes to be and more!

Gorgeous from head to toe with a very lean, powerful body and legs that are truly knife-like that feel like they can sever your head from your body or literally slice you in half with one of her excruciating body scissors!