Introducing Lacy Legs

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Lacy Legs

We’re sure many of our ScissorVixens fans may have already heard of Lacey Legs from Florida and we couldn’t wait to finally get her in front of our cameras!

At 5’7″ tall, Lacy has legs of a woman more like 5’10″or taller as they seem to extend for miles and when she locks up those ankles…good lord…IT IS ALL OVER!

Our victim in in Lacey’s debut ScissorVixen video has appeared in several other videos for ScissorVixens prior to this one and he takes great pride in not having to tap-out.  But after taking photos (since we tell the girls to CRANK IT even for photos)…he turned to me and said…”I’m pretty sure I’m going to be tapping out more than a few times in this one!”.

And that he did!

When I saw the kind of damage Lacy Legs was doing to him during photos…I knew he may not last the entire video by himself.  So…I decided to step up and share in the brutal punishment of Lacey’s Lethal Legs as well!

From nearly 14 years of experience in the ‘scissor business’ I could tell as soon as Lacy Legs slipped into her sexy black thong that she has the ideal build for serious scissoring destruction! 

Her legs are very long and very lean and fit right into your neck like a rope or steel cables.  Once she tightens her leg-noose around your neck…it can be LIGHTS OUT in seconds if you’re not quick with your tap-out hand!

Lacy Legs can hurt you bad from all angles but as her e-mail address indicates with the number 69 at the end…it’s her reverse head scissors she seems to enjoy, and her victims FEAR, the most which she demonstrates several times her on!

Lacy Legs's Videos

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