Introducing Katarina Kat

Physical Statistics




140 llbs.





About Katarina Kat

Katarina Kat is a STUNNINGLY gorgeous Russian woman of many amazing talents that you have to see to believe!

At 5’9″ tall she has an impressive and athletic physique, much like a fitness competitor, that she began to develop at a very young age when she started training as a circus aerialist in Russia.

She eventually moved her talents to the US and even performed in the popular Las Vegas show ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ for 5 years!

And now she is ready to perform for and show ScissorVixen members just how flexible and powerful her long, muscular thighs really are!

Right before the first video with Katarina Kat I was teasing her about something to which she warned me with an evil grin on her pretty face…”You’re not very smart since you are going to be between my thighs in a few minutes!”.

And she then proved just how foolish I was by totally DESTROYING me in her first ScissorVixen video!