Introducing Jennifer Scarpetta

Physical Statistics




170 llbs.





About Jennifer Scarpetta

I first laid eyes on Jennifer Scarpetta several months ago at a female bodybuilding pool party during the Ms. Olympia in Las Vegas, NV.

There were plenty of amazing female bodybuilders, fitness competitors and figure competitors walking around in scantily clad clothing showing off their incredible physiques but it was Jennifer Scarpetta that really caught my attention.

Wearing a sexy, short black dress and high heels I could easily see this girl had a pair of huge, killer quads that I could only dream of featuring on

Then as the day wore on…Jennifer Scarpetta got up, walked around and started to challenge men at the party to arm wrestle her.

They would lay down a few dollars for the privilege of getting beat by a beautiful muscle girl and she was more than happy to take their money.

After slamming down a few wrists in victory she then said something that really caught my attention…”Ok…now who wants to wrestle!?”.

Good lord…I couldn’t believe my ears and didn’t hesitate to introduce myself and tell her what I do as the owner and webmaster of

And so now here she finally is…on doing what I knew she was born to do…CRUSH SKULLS with her insanely sexy and oh-so powerful 26″ quads of death!