Introducing Jenna Marie

Physical Statistics




135 llbs.





About Jenna Marie

Jenna Marie is a tall 5’8″ model who loves to squeeze!

Her long, lethal legs are the kind the dig right into your neck and once she starts squeezing you can feel her powerful inner thighs (adductor muscles) engage leaving you lightheaded within seconds and on the verge of passing out!

In fact…she did just that during her first video shoot (titled ‘After School Scissor Detention’) when she decided to squeeze with everything she had during the video’s final scissor hold.

After letting her victim out of the crushing clutches of her thighs he lost consciousness hitting the back of his head on the wooden chair she was scissoring him in!

So check out Jenna Marie in our members area…she’s a REAL KNOCK OUT!

Jenna Marie's Videos

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