Introducing Jasmine Mendez

Physical Statistics




175 lbs.





About Jasmine Mendez

GORGEOUS 5’10” tall Amazon Jasmine Mendez calls herself the ‘Laughing Latina’ because when your neck is caught between her big, powerful thighs the only one laughing will be Jasmine!

To many of our fans popular dominatrix Jasmine Mendez will need no introduction but to those who are seeing her for the first time you are in for a treat!

Jasmine is a true Amazon in every sense of the word.  Standing at 5’10” tall barefoot she is also a very solid 175 pounds in which most of that is in her powerful legs and world-class ass! 

Right after our shoot with her she did a ‘lift and carry’ video clip for another producer and although he is only 145 pounds she tossed him around with ease smiling the entire time with no sign of strain or effort on her part! 

In one sequence she did the ‘Superman’ move with him while laying on her back and leg pressing him up and down like he was 47 pounds instead of 147!

Jasmine’s legs are absolutely built to CRUSH whatever is caught between them including her victims!