Introducing Janira Wolfe

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About janira wolf

One look at Janira Wolfe’s mesmerizing eyes, beautiful face and lean, muscular legs and amazing ass is all you need to know this girl is going to be an instant hit with our Vixens fans!

With legs as long and an ass as muscular as Janira’s there’s no question she has quite an athletic background including gymnastics, track and field sprinter, cheerleading and dancing!


When she heard about our site from another producer she replied…”Apparently those guys haven’t seen my legs and ass yet!”.

Well…now we have and so will you!

When Janira slipped into the barely-there pink slingshot bikini her incredible physique was on full display and we couldn’t wait to see what her lethal legs and ass could do!

And what they can do is turn her poor victims into several shades of color from their python-like squeeze and breath-robbing ass!

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janira wolfes's facesitting Videos

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