Introducing Jackie

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160 lbs.





About Jackie

As real-life roomies and friends Cerina and Jackie don’t mind sharing a lot of things but boyfriends are not one of them!

18 year old Jackie and 20 year old Cerina recently moved in together (for real) and were telling us a few stories about living together including one of Cerina’s boyfriends who seemed to have a liking for both of them. 

Needless to say this boyfriend didn’t last very long and so we decided to “bring him back” in the form of this video. 

Our newbie victim in this video wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Cerina tried to warn him…”Just want you to know that I do squeeze very hard during the videos so just tap if you need to.”. 

We first debuted Cerina several months ago and indeed Drew can verify that Cerina’s squeeeeeeze is pretty damn BRUTAL! 

But now it’s Cerina and her taller and bigger friend Jackie putting the squeeze on our newbie victim and when you hear his SCREAMS and watch his frantic tapouts there will be no doubt that he’s in a world of SEVERE SCISSOR PAIN! 

Not only does Cerina make good on her warning by making him scream and tapout quite often her friend Jackie proves just how powerful her BIG THIGHS are by doing the same!

Jackie's Videos

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