Introducing Piper

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Piper

We at LOVE finding new scissor talent and with ScissorVixens like the sexy, leggy Piper…this is why we love taking this kind of painful abuse! 

When Piper was referred to us by another one of our ScissorVixens…she told me that Piper couldn’t wait to administer a scissor beating on a man…any man she could get her powerful thighs around. 

It was quite obvious that Piper enjoys putting the leggy hurt on men as it took nearly 3 hrs. to finish a 30 minute video the first time around as her victim (a newbie that thought getting scissored look like fun…he found out otherwise!) had to take break after break as he seemed to come and go out of consciousness while Piper put her lower pipes to his neck, ribs and skull. 

This former track athlete and current dancer has legs that can KO most men in seconds and what’s all the more exciting is the fact that she LOVES putting the hurt on you!

Piper's Videos

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