Introducing Alessia Cutie

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Alessia Cutie

We were first told about Alessia Cutie by one of our regular victims in Las Vegas.

He told us about this cute little former Romanian Olympic gymnast that he recently had a session with and highly recommended that we contact her ASAP and so of course we did.

After making the trip to Vegas we were finally able to line up a shoot with Alessia and after talking with her on the phone it was obvious she genuinely loves dominating men!  And much to our pleasure her English was very good as well.

She told us about a few sessions she has had so far and expressed concern for one session customer who she knocked out in her leg scissors!  She said it was a friendly semi-competitive wrestling match in which they were rolling around and she quickly caught his neck between her thighs and squeezed.  Within seconds he was out cold!

And trust us folks after feeling Alessia Cutie’s powerful squeeeeeze we can understand how that can easily happen!

Alessia has one of the most unique ways of securing a reverse head scissors that we’ve ever seen. 

Instead of standing over top of her victim and lowering her body on top and pulling you into a reverse she catches you when you least expect it from any angle! 

She pulls you into her legs from her side then once you’re locked in she flips you over on your back and then the squeeeeeezing begins! 

We suspect that’s how her session customer ended up taking a scissor nap by her lightning quick reverse head scissors.

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