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120 llbs.





About Augustine York

Ahhh Christmas…such a wonderful time of year full of laughter, joy and good cheer.

But for one particular man it’s the time of year he hates the most full of stress and for him…soon to be full of scissors as well!

While dozing off on his couch he is suddenly awaken by the sounds of bells ringing in his ears and is startled to find a cute little elf standing over him saying “I’m the scissoring elf and I’ve come to spread the ‘Christmas Scissoring Spirit’!”.

The surprised and angry man threatens to call the cops but before he’s able to reach for the phone the scissoring elf hangs his head over the edge of the couch and applies a killer standing head scissors and begins to scissor the Christmas spirit into him!

She continues to work him over in scissor after scissor asking him if he’s ready to say ‘Merry Christmas’ but the stubborn man refuses to give in. In the end the sexy elf puts him under her scissoring spell knocking him out on his living room floor.

He awakens thinking it was only a dream until he hears bells once again coming from the top of his head.

As he reaches up and discovers that he’s wearing the elf’s hat he realizes it wasn’t just a dream and walks over to his apartment windows opening them and yells out…”Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!”.

So…if you don’t want to get into the Christmas spirit this year then instead of a bucket of coal Santa just may send you his scissoring elf to help change your mind instead!

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