Introducing Brigit Heart

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Brigit Heart

When Brigit first appeared on the scene, she wanted to remain anonymous by wearing a mask.

But with her gorgeous, athletic body built from gymnastics, cheerleading and running marathons… we knew there was a pretty face behind that mask and sure enough…we were right!

Brigit describes herself as the girl-next-door who will seduce you and then dominate you and she does so with little effort on both counts!

She told us she’s actually a very compassionate and friendly person and that she is, but once you lock your eyes with hers… you know she’s about to show you her other side, one CRUSHING scissor hold after the other!

Wanna lock eyes with Brigit so she can lock her THIGHS around your neck?

Then contact her below and tell her ScissorVixens sent you!

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