'I'll Exercise My Thighs Around Your Neck!’


Stelle Elle

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We’ve known about Stella Elle for a little over a year as she is relatively new to the fetish scene.

One look at Stella you can tell this young, new ScissorVixen has one hell of a body built by years as a professional figure skater in which she appeared in various shows in Mexico and Miami.

She is also a certified yoga instructor which keeps her athletic physique fine-tuned and ready to kick ass whenever necessary!

And in this video…it becomes necessary after her boyfriend forgets to pick her up at the beach (in which she had to walk home) and then proceeds to insult her by suggesting she needs to workout  more!

It’s as if he was ‘asking’ for a beating for more than one reason but for Stella…either one is enough incentive to oblige his ‘request’!

Stella looks amazing wearing her light-blue thong bikini that really shows off her tight, flat stomach and powerful figure skater thighs!

She doesn’t waste any time clamping her strong thighs around his neck in order to show him who really needs the exercise!

“Ahhhh…you’re not going anywhere!”, she tells him as he struggles to survive her eye-popping front head scissors!

Her reverse head scissors really do serious damage to both his neck and his ego as he gurgles and gasps while trying to breath!

“I love those noises!” she tells him pouring on the pressure even more!

Then she transitions into a suffocating reverse figure-4 that silences him while telling him…”I think I can keep you here all day!”.

On it on it goes as she exercises her strong thighs around his neck and finally finishes him off in one more reverse to which he quickly taps-out!

She takes pride in her domination and in the end does a victory pose on his nearly lifeless body!

So check out SEXY ScissorVixen, Stella Elle, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘I’ll Exercise My Thighs Around Your Neck!’.

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