I Know What I'm Doing!


Violet Voss

In Full High Definition and 3D

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Video Description

GORGEOUS long-legged Violet Voss returns and this time…she’s ready to show Drew she doesn’t need any scissor practice before her shoot with ScissorVixens!

He smugly assumes she isn’t quite ready for prime-time but she quickly corrects him and lets him know…”I know what I’m doing!”.

Dressed in a sexy leotard and thong underneath…it’s obvious Violet has the THIGHS to fuck anyone up and her next victim is Drew!

She takes great pride in her THIGHS and what they can do to a man’s neck and Drew finds out real fast he’s in trouble and tries to end the scissor ‘audition’ early.

But that isn’t going to happen as Violet Voss gets off on CRUSHING MEN and Drew isn’t going to escape that easily!

She absolutely DESTROYS him in every scissor hold, including some of the sexiest, and most devastating, reverse head scissors imaginable!

But it’s the front head scissors, with Drew’s neck buried tightly against her pussy, that seems to really turn her on from the vibrations of his screams!

In the end, Violet asks Drew if she’s hired to which the answer is an obvious…”YES!”.

To say otherwise could have cost Drew more agony between Violet Voss’s thighs than he can handle!

So check out fit fashion model, Violet Voss, in her most dominant best in ‘I Know What I’m Doing!’.

Full Description

Format: MP4

Video Length: 11 minutes

Total Bitrate: 10,000 kbps

Frame Size: Full-HD (1920×1080)

Video File Size: 888 MB

Format: MP4

Video Length: 11 minutes

Total Bitrate: 20,000 kbps

Frame Size: 3D (5760×2880)

Video File Size: 1.6 GB

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