Introducing Helena Locke

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Helena Locke

LA Pro Dominatrix and fetish model Helena Locke certainly knows how to take control by taking away your manhood in more ways than one!

When we reached out to her to join our ever-growing list of ScissorVixens (530 as of this writing) she couldn’t wait to join our lineup of lethal-legged ladies and show us what she’s got!

And what she’s got is a pair of BIG, POWERFUL THIGHS that can crack your cranium to pieces like a walnut!

Helena loves working out and her favorite exercises are anything that involves helping her legs get bigger and stronger…lots of ‘ass to grass’ squats, leg presses stacked with several 45 pound plates on each side, lunges, leg extensions and of course…adductor exercises for building up her inner thighs!

It’s no wonder Helena Locke couldn’t wait to get in front of our cameras to show us what her thighs are made of!

Would you like to find out yourself? 

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Session and Contact Information

 Location: LA, California

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